San Francisco Bay Single Serve Coffee Gourmet Blend 100 Count


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OneCup - Experience the future of Single Serve Coffee Introducing: San Francisco Bay OneCups. The New technology for the Keurig Brewing System. Gourmet Blend We work with the farmers to supply health care, housing, meal programs, and education to the workers and their families. We visit each area regularly to ensure coffee quality and the continuance of the community aid programs. A cup of coffee contains 345 individual flavor elements, and it is the roaster's job to extract these flavors in perfect balance. We have developed our own roasting system that meshes the art of coffee roasting with the science of producing perfection and consistency. After roasting, we package the coffee still-warm coffee quickly into a bag, ensuring that oxygen does not damage the flavors. The Result? Coffee perfectly roasted to its fullest flavor, absolutely fresh. The very best, each and every time. This is a unique and artful blend of coffees from around the world. We roast this just a bit darker than normal for a fuller, smokier flavor and aroma.