Kikuichi 8″ Nickel Sweden Warikomi Damascus Chef’s Knife


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The Kikuichi Nickel Sweden Warikomi Damascus knives have 45-layer Damascus steel elegance with an incredibly sharp edge. They have beautiful rosewood, Japanese-style handles accented with an ebony-colored blade guard made of water buffalo horn. The blade core is extremely hard (HRC 60) Swedish high-carbon steel, known for its fine grain and lack of impurities, surrounded on both sides by 22 layers of three different types of steel: 11 layers of nickel steel, 6 layers of SUS410 and 5 layers of J1 stainless steel. The surface of each blade has a dimpled (Tsuchime) pattern to help keep food from sticking to the knife as you slice. The Tsuchime pattern is created by hand-hammering the blade then heat tempering. Each pattern is unique. Kikuichi handles are made without rivets, the traditional Japanese style. The result is a gorgeous Damascus knife which holds the sharpest cutting edge and easy maintenance. All knives in this line have a double beveled cutting edge and are made in Japan.