Everpure Claris X-Large EV4339-13 Filter Cartridge


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5-stage filtration process
-Carbonate hardness adjustment
-Fine filtration
-Highly efficient carbon block removes
harmful contaminants and unpleasant
odors and tastes
-Solid membrane filter removes
particles down to 5 micron for highest
equipment protection
-Operation in vertical or horizontal position


-The system can be operated freestanding, lying
horizontally or mounted vertically
-If mounting vertically to a wall, securely connect
the mounting bracket to the wall using suitable
-Water pressure at the filter system inlet must
not exceed 116 psi (8 bar). A pressure reducer
valve must be installed on the water supply side
of the filter system if the inlet pressure exceeds
116 psi (8 bar)
-Shut off valve must be installed upstream of
the filter
-Refer to Installation, Operation & Maintenance
Manual for cartridge flushing and start-up

Operation Tips:

Change Claris cartridge when its
pre-calculated water volume has been reached
or at least once a year

Change cartridges when capacity is reached

Always flush the filter cartridge at time of
installation and cartridge change

Do not use hardness test strips to check for
hardness reduction, please use Titration kit to
check for hardness reduction


The CLARIS filter systems are typically used to
feed the following appliances:

-Coffee and Espresso Machines
-Hot drink vending machines
-Combi steamers and self-cooking systems
-Steam cookers and ovens
-Brewed Iced Tea
The systems can be operated horizontally or
vertically, depending on the space available
Everpure Claris X-Large EV4339-13 Filter Cartridge