1000g stainless steel electric grinder mill for grinding various grains spice Mill Herb Grinder,pulverizer 110v/220v gift for mom, wife


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1: The grinder is characterized as beautifully-designed, small in size, light, highly-efficient, easy to operate.
2: The ginder is safe as well as electricity-saving, which grinder the rough and fine power within three seconds to two minutes.
3: The grinder can deal with wide-range different sorts of materials, such as grains、Hide gelatin (阿胶)、 milk vetch、 E-gelation, olibanum, root of membranous milk vetch、 pseudo-ginseng、sea horse、seed of Chinese dodder、glossy ganoderma、licorice, peral and ect.The material will not be wasted and the colors and flavors of different material will not be mingled together.

Technical Parameters 
Model : GW-1000
Capacity :100g
Power : 3000w
Speed : 32000r/min
Weight :9KG
Interval time: 5 minutes
Crushed Level: superfine mill
Principle: high-speed grinder

Note:we have two model 110v or 220v (optional), by default, we will ship according to the voltage of your Country.If you need different, please send us a message.

Great Wall Instruments is a professional manufacturer of stainless steel high-speed grinder. we will provide to you the  English Instruction and  Professional Servicewhen you purchase from us. If you buy from others , you may not got our professional service and technical support. 

Model : GW-1000, Capacity : 1000g Power : 3000w Speed : 32000r/min